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I know the media is biased. You know the media is biased. Why doesn’t the media realize it? Are they in denial or simply lying? And what’s up with people who don’t notice the bias? Are they lacking in observational skills, honestly clueless, or accepting of bias when it leans in their direction? In this podcast, Dianah and Tess discuss media bias. Tess does some research by watching network nightly news. Dianah goes on about media fitting stories into the narrative they want to push. It’s really more interesting than it sounds!

trump bites dog

*Originally recorded May 1, 2016

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As the original Crepehanger, Dianah has long supported the notion that seeing the worst possible outcome does not make a person a pessimist. Crepehanger actually started as a novel about a future where Professional Crepehanger was a necessary part of a faux Utopian Society. Day job kept. Send her email or follow her on Twitter.

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