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Tess and Dianah have been asked on many occasions to have a podcast. Admittedly, those requests were usually phrased like “Why don’t you get out of my coffee shop and bother people some place else?” or “I’ve had it with your conservative rhetoric. Why don’t you start a podcast and find other people who think the Constitution is more important than what Michelle’s wearing!”

And so here it is – the first Crepehanger Podcast! Keep in mind it was their first attempt. In this episode, they discuss who supports various Presidential candidates including, Hillary, Trump, Sanders, Cruz, and Kasich. Dianah tries to get over the loss of Rand Paul while Tess questions Hillary’s individuality.

*Originally recorded April 21, 2016

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As the original Crepehanger, Dianah has long supported the notion that seeing the worst possible outcome does not make a person a pessimist. Crepehanger actually started as a novel about a future where Professional Crepehanger was a necessary part of a faux Utopian Society. Day job kept. Send her email or follow her on Twitter.

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