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100 Book Challenge

10 Aug 2010 12:10 pm

No, not a challenge to write 100 books (although I feel like I have 100 on my 'to edit' list). It's a challenge to read 100 books in a year. So far I've finished 42 books, but before you congratulate me you should really see what I've read! In fact, you can even read my reviews!

I accepted the challenge on my birthday (July 8th - I'll expect an e-card next year) and immediately bemoaned how difficult it was going to be. I was once an avid reader, but over the last few years I've really not read much at all. Then a friend pointed out the challenge didn't say anything about quality or difficulty. He then gifted me digital copies of all the Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books. That's right - over 500 pieces of literary popcorn.

I started with the Deep Space Nine novels. I'd read the first few when they were originally released. By Bastille Day, I hit the one that was so bad I stopped regularly buying them. This time I pushed through and I've so far made it through the initial DS9 releases. I sneaked in a few original Trek and Next Gen books (and even, *gasp!* a Voyager!) to read some sub-series that encompassed all the series.

Then I hit the two-book relaunch kickoff. Not good. Not good at all. I decided I needed a pallette cleanser so I went to the Captain's Table sub-series which I never read. When I got to the New Frontier novel in that series I decided to read the first book or two in that franchise since I had no idea what it was about. I ended up reading the first six and I've gone back to the Captain's Table series.

These books certainly aren't the Harvard 5-foot shelf of knowledge, but it's a gentle way to get back in the reading habit. Maybe I'll try something more ambitious...next year.